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The Warehouse

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Entrepreneurs are what drives innovation, improves our economy and changes our lives. If you've gotten your company going, but you need the extra boost to grow, we're here to help.

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It’s a fact that entrepreneurs are what drives innovations and keeps Colorado’s economy thriving. But what happens after you have the big idea, create the startup and need to scale the operation? You need to grow, but grow smart. You also need to avoid the “valley of death.” That’s the most difficult funding stage for firms who want to growup not just startup. This is the point when many fail, but if you’ve got support at this critical time, your business can grow consistently. That’s where we come in.

The Warehouse is Northern Colorado’s premiere and sole source for second stage assistance of technology and manufacturing companies. While our colleagues focus on our region’s startup firms, we’ve found that startups usually require support while they’re in the fragile scaling up stage. We assist with strategy, markets, supply chains, real estate, the team and funding.

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We will provide you with decades of combined experience and unique entrepreneurial insight.

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Extensive experience with multiple federal labs, including NASA's Glenn Research Center.

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Whether your company has plateaued or is stuck in the Valley of Death, we're here to help.

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NoCo continues to rank in the top 10 nationally for innovation, technology patents and startups.

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It's YOUR business... It's YOUR success.

We've helped thousands of companies just like yours.

Second stage firms occupy a particular economic niche. They make up 13% of our economies, but create 37% of our jobs. It’s a stage that isn’t flashy, but it’s critically important. Like a garden, it’s the point in which a plant has emerged from a seed, but is in the process of taking root. We also help older firms that have plateaued in terms of revenue. Whatever the age of your company, we identify revenue bottlenecks and help our clients achieve consistent and accelerated growth.

Our clients receive advice and mentorship, real estate location services, and much more.

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Whether your business is just getting started or is experiencing a lag, we can help you to turn things around.

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