Opterus Research and Development designs and manufactures hinges, booms, and other architectural structures for the aerospace industry. They specialize in lightweight, movable composites that withstand the strong forces and tiny spaces of satellites and spacecraft in orbit.

Solving Space Challenges

The team of Opterus engineers in Loveland, Colorado are solving problems where there is no existing solution. Opterus designs custom movable parts like solar array structures, antennas, and reflectors – the equipment that allows communication, defense and commercial satellites function correctly in orbit. The work involves dreaming up new space-grade materials and new ways to build and move space structures.

One of the specific challenges Opterus works to solve is that large pieces of a spacecraft’s equipment need to be as light as possible and folded up very small for launch.  Then those same things also need unfold and fully deploy in space.  And the fully-deployed structure needs to be strong enough to fully function and survive in space. The high-strength composite material and innovative custom designs of Opterus’ technology enables larger space structures to be lightweight, compact and contained in the tiniest spaces.

Working with the Warehouse

As the business scaled operations from its start in the founder’s garage, the Warehouse team supported Opterus through decisions impacting strategy, organizational structure and building the team. Opterus tapped into experience from the Warehouse in a successful bid for $250,000 in grant funding through the State of Colorado’s Advanced Industries program.

Opterus operated as a tenant of the Warehouse facilities for a short time before expanding into the Rocky Mountain Center of Innovation and Technology in Loveland CO in 2019.  That year, the business doubled both its revenues and its workforce, bringing significant economic activity to the region through government, defense and private sector contracts.