Heidi Hostetter, founder of the Colorado Manufacturers COVID Taskforce, speaks to the CSU College of Business about the impetus that spurred her to take action and inspire others to action in response to the global COVID pandemic.   Through the Taskforce, volunteer partners and sector leaders rallied to identify and fill gaps in the PPE supply chain, retain manufacturing jobs, and promote collaboration and innovation across Colorado’s manufacturing sector.  The Warehouse partnered with the Taskforce to create a Manufacturers COVID Fund for providing Pivot Grants to manufacturers and free PPE to human services organizations serving our most vulnerable populations.

“I took one of those principles of my leadership – heroic ambition – and said “how do we help?” … There’s no point in complaining. There’s no point in sitting back or twiddling our thumbs or judging the situation.  When you are in crisis as a leader, you have to just JUMP IN and try to do something different.” – Heidi Hostetter