For better or for worse, rechargeable lithium ion batteries power our modern lives.  Our phones, computers, and tablets rely on them, of course.  And increasingly so do our modes of transportation – electric and hybrid cars, airport shuttle buses and other mass transit.  Even hobby equipment like cameras or drones, and our children’s toys and nightlights, are battery powered.

Most of our devices have a handy fuel gauge to tell us when to plug in and recharge.  But we don’t have a great way to gauge other critical aspects of the health of our batteries, namely:

  • how do we know when a battery is going to stop recharging and die completely, leaving us stranded or without our essential device?
  • how do we know when a battery is unsafe, about to catch on fire or explode and we should get away as fast as possible?

Dynexus Technology, an innovative Loveland, Colorado-based business is solving these two important challenges for our battery-operated world.  They are developing battery monitoring, prognostics and diagnostics technology that advances the performance and safety of electric vehicles, consumer electronics and even critical communications infrastructure.  They are leading the way toward safety and more predictability in battery usage.

Imagine if your physician could do an MRI on you anytime, anywhere, with basically a device in your pocket. That is what Dynexus represents to batteries. They are putting advanced battery testing into our hands as connected, smart internet-of-things devices.  They provide diagnostics and prognostics where the batteries are being used, as opposed to doing those tests in a laboratory.  What’s more, the Dynexus battery testing technology can do a diagnostic test in 10 seconds that would typically take 20 minutes in a lab.

Dynexus is also working with large companies who produce electric cars and consumer electronics to test batteries during the assembly process.  By pre-qualifying the safety and longevity of batteries before they are even in our hands, Dynexus’ technology is preventing accidents and making sure our devices are safe. In future developments, the same technology can be applied to lead-acid vehicle batteries and other battery types, too.

Dynexus began as Warehouse Business Accelerator tenant in August 2013. Through connections in the Warehouse network, Dynexus Technology has partnered with Idaho National Labs for testing support and Vergent Products for product development and manufacturing.