Maybe you need a mentor? Maybe you’ve been successful and want to give something to the next generation of entrepreneurs? Either way, you’ve probably got questions and we’ve got answers.

How do I apply to assist the Warehouse portfolio firms?

Contact Allison Seabeck at 970-541-0991 or After a phone call, email of resume/CV and testimonials a meeting will be set. If there is a match in client need and skill set, you will be asked to engage with The Warehouse.

Will I be offering my services pro bono, for sweat equity, or for a fee?

Typically, we expect our advisors to offer a few hours pro bono up front to vet the relationship for fit.  After this time, we expect our advisors to give deep discounts to our clients in order to get them to a stage that they are sustainable and can afford your marketed rate.

How long will the engagement be?

This can be a one-time assistance offering or most likely an ongoing relationship.  The expectation is that you have time to give a company up to 5 hours per week.