The most important phase of a company isn’t the beginning, when the entrepreneur just has a garage and a dream. It’s actually the second stage, in which a company is scaling up. Companies within this phase are incredibly fragile, as they require steady and constant growth.

At The Warehouse, our job is to nurture firms in this stage and help them to achieve accelerated growth. We’re Northern Colorado’s only business accelerator for second stage companies, and our clients occupy a unique economic niche. They make up 13% of our economies, but create 37% of our jobs. By assisting our clients with strategy, funding, and other important aspects of their business model, we’re able to increase their stability and prosperity. Not only that, but our clients will then bring thousands of primary and secondary jobs to our region. Without support, these firms will migrate to places like Silicon Valley or Boston. But with our help, we can keep jobs, creative talent and innovation right here in our backyard.

Our mission is to help companies that are growups, not startups. If you’re an investor and you believe in what The Warehouse is doing, we want to talk to you. Contact us today and, together, we can change how northern Colorado does business.