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America was founded on entrepreneurs. Mark Zuckerberg created a social networking website that transformed how we relate to each other. Henry Ford developed a means to mass produce cars. All of them, and more, had a transformative effect on the United States.

Maybe you want to be involved with someone like this. Angel and Venture Capital investors are affluent individuals who provide capital for growing firms. More importantly, they lay the groundwork to help bold risk-takers realize their dreams and create change. But why should you, as an investor, get involved?

Usually, an angel investor will become involved with a business after they have passed the startup phase, but will still require capital to fund marketing, further develop a product or have big plans to scale the operation. As an investor, you might be the reason the business heads to the next level. Plus, you’ll be in a unique position to act as a mentor to the entrepreneur. Lastly, since your money is now a factor, the entrepreneur will be more motivated than ever to succeed.

If you’re interested in helping to change the economic landscape of Colorado, contact the Warehouse. We’ll help match you with the right company to create a long-lasting and profitable partnership.

We will provide you with decades of combined experience and unique entrepreneurial insight.

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Extensive experience with multiple federal labs, including NASA's Glenn Research Center.

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Whether your company has plateaued or is stuck in the Valley of Death, we're here to help.

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NoCo continues to rank in the top 10 nationally for innovation, technology patents and startups.

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