The following clients have worked with The Warehouse team to take their business to the next level.  You can read more about them and hear what they are saying about the service they received.

Dynexus Technology

Dynexus Technology has been a Warehouse Accelerator tenant since August 2013. They are a smart energy management solutions company for telecommunications critical infrastructure protection and health monitoring. Dynexus Technology is subcontracted to Vergent Products for product development and has testing support at Idaho National Labs ($100k + development and test support contract). They target Vergent Products for advanced manufacturing to support Dynexus’ production needs (est. $30 M-$50M production volume from 2015-2017). Vergent has physical space for the project, but estimates adding 75-100 manufacturing jobs to support the production program. Dynexus projects adding 20-25 direct jobs in addition to Vergent’s manufacturing jobs.



Progenero has been a Warehouse Accelertor client since August 2014, and is a spinoff technology from a relationship with Edison Welding Institute.  These devices test welds without destruction. It is currently used and being purchased in the automobile industry. Product development is supported by Vergent Technologies. They have received orders for 4 devices.

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Bongo (formerly YouSeeU) was launched in early 2009 with the objective of solving problems and improving the student experience in distance education. Since then, thanks to hundreds of conversations with instructional designers, professors, and administrators, and the experience of thousands of student users, Bongo is a leading platform for education – online, blended and in-classroom.

Beau & Belle Littles
Beau & Belle Littles is a small family owned and run business that was started in mid 2015 by Rachelle and Paul Baron. Beauregard, their son, is the inspiration for the business. At Beau & Belle Littles, the goal is to make the absolute best reusable baby products on the market. They have partnered with Compassion International and donated 5% of their proceeds to them in Q4 of 2015.
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Paradigm Optics
Paradigm Research Optics is an industry leader in optical coatings and assemblies, located in Loveland, CO. Paradigm Research Optics brings over 30 years of custom coating design for both R&D and production environments. They support a wide band width of optics and custom coatings, and offer lenses, windows, waveplates, aspheres, and many more substrates. They also offer their coating on customer supplied optics.
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