The Warehouse is a proud partner of the Colorado Manufacturers COVID Taskforce, a volunteer collaboration of manufacturing businesses and community partners across Colorado responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Our objective:
    – Protect and save lives
    – Keep hard working manufacturers employed in Colorado
  • Our focus:
    – QUICKLY identify and fill holes in the PPE and testing supply chain
    – Get PPE and test supplies to the people providing essential services across our state
  • We will not require remuneration for our devices and services from those who need them
  • We will raise funds from the Colorado community to cover our costs


The Manufacturers COVID Designated Fund, administered by the Warehouse, provides grants to keep our workforce and loved ones safe while we reopen the State of Colorado.  We are raising funds from the Colorado community.  Donations to the Manufactures COVID Designated Fund make three levels of community impact:

  • Our Colorado essential services (fire departments, human service organizations, etc) receive PPE free of charge
  • Colorado manufacturers are assisted to expand production of PPE and keep our neighbors employed
  • 3D printers and other equipment are donated to education and community organizations for long term workforce development after the crisis

The Warehouse is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and charges no service fees or overhead for the administration of this fund.  Grants are overseen by a Grant Advisory Committee of community and manufacturing sector leaders.

Contact us for more information about the Manufacturers COVID Designated Fund.

Note: Donations by check should be made out to The Warehouse Business Accelerator with “Manufacturers COVID Designated Fund” in the memo line